FrostWire & Torrents

FrostWire has moved from a Gnutella base P2P system to Torrent P2P transfer. The entire concept of sharing and how files are shared has changed. Back in the Gnutella world, you had folders that you could designate as shared and anyone on the network, theoretically, could find and access those files.

Gnutella was file based and you could designate which files you wanted to download. This is attractive for some applications, but along with technical problems of scalability, if you wanted to download a collection of data, naming the files one at a time could be very difficult to impossible.

While torrents can share individual files, their true power is achieved by folder sharing. Entire folders and structures of folders can be shared with one simple torrent, allowing the downloading of gigabytes of data in complicated organizations to be achieved.

Hopefully, the following articles will help to clarify some of the resulting confusion.


Dropping Back to Version Five
Beginners BitTorrent Guide
Problem Solving Checklist
When all Else Fails

To Submit a Problem Report
Windows 8 & FrostWire
Undrstanding FrostWire Stats
Programs Known to Cause Problems
Configuring FrostWire for Downloads
Comments on Torrent Sharing
Tuning FrostWire for Optimum Sharing
Options for Downloading and Sharing
P2P: Legal or Not?
Moving a Torrent
The New Search Screen
How to Search - General
Finding a Single File
How Torrents Work
Why do I Have Files I Don't Want?
Load A Media Player Playlist
Port Forward and UPnP
Changing the FrostWire Listening Port
AVG Notice
Seeding Concepts
Sharing YOUR Files
Multiple Instances of FrostWire on One Network
VPN Setup
How To Move a Torrent
How to Burn Music CDs
Loading an MP3 Player
Creating a FrostWire Music Play List
Notes on iTunes Replacement
 Consolidated Notes on Copyright Violation
A Longer Discussion on Privacy/Security
Ubuntu Problem

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Not Directly FrostWire Related
Backup Considerations
Ripping a CD
DMCA Take Down Notice
TV Shows Availble for Download
Are You Being Censored
TorrentFreak Reviw of VPNs
A review of PIA VPN
Computer Security