The New Search Screen

While the new version of search, starting at 5.6.1, has all of the search functions of the prior releases, getting to and using them is a little different.  First: Make sure that you have the search engines enabled that you wish to use.  Tools>Options>Searching is the access path. Check or remove check as you wish for the index sites that FrostWire can access.

To begin a search, type into the search box and press enter or click the magnifying glass.  The search results will display.  Using the drag bar, you can make the search window larger or smaller. 

When you search all types are included in the search, but near the top of the search screen, you will see icons with a number of that type found. Click on the desired icon to limit your view to that type. Personally, I recommend searching torrents. If you click search tools, you'll find the ability to limit your search to specific index sites and refine the search by enter data into the name area.

It really is all there. Just more compact, leaving more room for significant data.

Experiment a little and you'll see.

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