How to Search for an Item

Lets assume I want to search for a Tippy Tyler Discography.

When frost wire starts.
Type into the search window – the one with the magnifying glass next to it.
Type tippy tyler
Press enter.  Use the drag bar to enlarget the window.
We are now searching every torrent with tippy tyler listed. That may be more than a few.
I prefer to simply search for torrents, so I click the FrostWire icon beneath  name tab.
Open search tools by clicking on the search tools item on the right.
Scroll down to the name item and type discography in the filter name of refine results.
This will limit the list to item containing that word.
If you want to see what's in a torrent, Right button the item and select torrent details.
If this is what you want, highlight the item and click download  on the tool bar under the search window. 
If you want do do a partial download, right button the item and select download partial files.
Select the items you want , click download selected files only.
The file(s) should download.   When it is done, you can highlight it in the transfer window and click explore in the tool bar below the explorer window.  You will be viewing the file in your system file manager.