Downloading a Single File
From a Torrent

It is quite easy to search for a single song/file in the FrostWire.

Torrents usually contain many items, songs, shows, and graphics. Trying to find one song is not always an intuitive process. Rarely is the song title mentioned in a torrent name. Turning on the audio button and entering a part of the song title, using refine results filter name to narrow the search won't hurt, but don't be surprised if you find nothing.

You will stand a better chance of finding what you are looking for if you enter the artist or album name and do a torrent search. If you get hits, here, you can click the plus next to the name and see what's in the torrent and select items to download.

I decided to look for “Rain” by Jose Feliciano. An audio scan turned up nothing. I did a torrent scan on Jose Feliciano and had 372 hits. That's too many to want to look into every one, so I entered hit into the filter, figuring that was one of his hits, and I'd bet that someone had put together a hit torrent. They had. I found it on my first try.  Click the plus sign, next to the torrent, and select the songs you wish to download.  

It's a different world and the approach is different.  And remember:  Google can be your friend.

If further help is needed, I can try to assist: