Ubuntu 12.04

Yesterday I updated to the latest version of Frostwire. Unfortunately it no longer loads. When I click the icon I can hear the hard disk activate for about 15-20 seconds. Then it stops. No Frostwire. The previous version has been running for some time without any problems. In fact the previous version loaded and offered me the option to update which I accepted.
I have tried the usual things that sometimes work:
restart the computer
uninstall and reinstall latest version from the Frostwire website
Wait 24 hours and try again.
I am running the Ubuntu 12.04 OS
Solved the problem, I think.

I entered the following command on the terminal.
sudo update-alternatives --config java
I then selected version 1.7.
I then booted Frostwire and it started up no problem.

I found the solution going through the reviews for OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime.