Understanding FrostWire Stats

There are many fields in the transfer window. Trying to figure out what they mean is not always intuitive or easy. This guide may help. All of the statistics refer to a torrent that has been loaded and not canceled. You can cancel a torrent and reload it, but when you do that, the statistics do start over. Pausing does not affect statistics.

Name: The name of the torrent, as specified withing the torrent data. It can be different from the visible name in file explorer, though this is not usually the case.
Size: The amount of data that is requested to be downloaded from the torrent.
Status: Stopped: Not active. Seeding: Available for sharing, uploading. Downloading: available to receive data.
Progress: The percentage of data that has been received.
Downloaded: The amount of data that has been downloaded in bytes.
Time: The estimated time to complete the download.
Uploaded: The total bytes of data sent to others.
Download Speed: The current transfer rate being received.
Up Speed: The current transfer rate being sent to others.
Seeds: The number of seeds currently available to you x/x notation indicates that you are Connected/Total seeds available.
Peers: Same as seeds, but indicating peer values.
Seeds/Peers: Total number of seeds divided by total number of peers . The larger, the better.
Share Ratio: The amount of data that you have uploaded divided by the amount of data in the torrent.