ImgBurn CDA Write

MadFlac is necessary if you want to burn FLAC files to CDA format.  Otherwise it is not.
Do a google search for the latest version, if you need it.

To Install madFlac
  1. Double click the madFlac-1.10.exe (Or whatever the current name is)
  2. Copy the created folder to a place of permanent residence.
    1. C:\program files is as good as any
  3. Switch to that folder
  4. Double click install.bat
  5. Smile at the install message.
  6. Erase the original folder if it's still in it's original location.

To Burn Audio Disc Using ImgBurn
  1. Place a CD into the drive.
    1. Make sure it's properly oriented.
    2. Sounds silly, but with come CDs.....
  2. Close any windows your idiot machine opens asking you do to things you don't want to do.
  3. Start ImgBurn.
  4. Click Write image file to disc -or- (ctrl-shft-w)
  5. On the left hand side, two icon lines down, click the left icon with the disc and music note on it.
    1. This will open a Create Cue File window.
  6. Open a file explorer window .
    1. Navigate to your music directory.
    2. drag and drop the files you wish to burn to the audio CD
      1. You can use the icons on the right to move and manipulate the track order.
      2. Click “Quick OK” when you are done.
  7. At the bottom of the ImgBurn window, on the left, click the write to disc symbol.
  8. Hope for the best.
  9. Try your burned disc in your player.
  10. Take appropriate action
    1. Pat yourself on the back..
    2. Cuss.