Replacement of file

by Only A Hobo Sat Dec 29, 2007 10:10 am

This may well help if you are having problems getting your connection status up from starting connection, . But first try this: go to Frostwire > file > disconnect and then back to file > connect. That sometimes does the trick.

Before that, and if applicable to your set up, ensure you are running the latest version .. currently 4.21.1, from Home or Downloads above

Note that this version will connect in difficult cases far more often that previous versions, however, initially, it may take quite a while, perhaps 20 minutes or longer. After a possible slow initial start, it should be far quicker in future. What follows should not be necessary with Frostwire 4.18.1, or later but we can never be absolutely sure :). Please give us feedback on any method you find works for you, with a few details. That will help us, and others, in the future. Other connection suggestions are at STICKY: CONNECTION PROBLEMS.

How to Replace the file:

In your application data or preference folder for Frostwire, (not your program or applications folder) there should be a file entitled

Before making any changes to the Folder, (see below for instructions on how to find it) make sure Frostwire is fully closed. You need do nothing else with the file .. just put it in the folder .. Frostwire knows what to do with it :)
(27.35 KiB) Downloaded 3531 times

A fresh file can be downloaded by clicking the above link.

Download/Save this to your desktop, or somewhere you can find it. There are various sources for the file and some of them are dubious. This one is not. If you have a working copy of Limewire or Frostwire possibly on another computer you can copy the file from that application, to a memory stick, if necessary and use that instead.

Find your Preference or Application Data Folder. Note: this is not your Application or Programme Folder.

To find your preference folder in Mac OS X it is in HD>users>your name>library>preferences>Frostwire, and the file will be in that folder

In Windows XP on your start menu click Run... and type in %appdata% A folder will appear, look for Frostwire and inside for

In Windows Vista Open any folder window and type %appdata% in the box at the top. A folder, or list will appear, look for Frostwire and inside that, for


in Windows XP the folder is at C:\Documents and Settings\name you use to login\Application Data\FrostWire\ and look for

in Windows Vista it is at C:\Users\name you use to login\AppData\Roaming\FrostWire\ and look for

Your app data folder is quite likely hidden and you may need to enable it to be visible. in any windows folder click tools > folder options at the top. click on that and then view then show hidden files and folders.

Now make sure Frostwire is fully closed

Now find your file. delete it and move the file you downloaded into the folder in its place. If no file exists move the new file into the folder anyway.

Restart Frostwire and see if it reaches turbocharged connection within a few minutes or less.