When all Else Fails

When you've tried everything suggested and FrostWire still doesn't work, what do you do?  On Windows, there are some diagnostic capabilities that can be used to help solve such problems.  The place to start is with a “safe boot”.  This is done by shutting down the computer, then starting it up again while rapidly pressing the F8 key. 

This will cause windows to provide a menu of start up options, one of which is a safe boot.  Choosing this option will start the machine with only the most basic of facilities running.  In this mode, try FrostWire.  If it runs, now, you KNOW that there is a conflict of software or drivers that is causing the problem.

There are other boot modes that allow you to select what loads at boot time, but usually it will be on the start up program list.  The start up list is a good place to start.  You can use the control panel>administrative tools> system configuration>start up screen to disable start up tasks.  I prefer  using the Piriform CCleaner program tools>startup to disable start up task.  I like the additional control. 

Disable any suspect or unnecessary items, reboot and try FrostWire.  When you get to a point where it runs, you know that one of the disabled items is causing the problem.  Start re-enabling them, one at a time, until you find the offending item.  You can now choose to keep it and not run FrostWire, or replace it with a more FrostWire friendly version and go from there.

Third party blockers and accelerators are highly suspect, so that's a good place to start.

Always go through the checklist first, but when that seems to fail, this is the final level.