Somewhere, somehow, it seems that VPNs have taken on a connotation of illegal activity.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It is for security and many large companies run and support their own VPN servers.  It is about security!

What does the average person have that they want to be secure?  If you use wifi hot spots, and want to have any chance of privacy, a VPN is almost mandatory!   Want to do banking, check your email, or even just surf?  Want anyone to be able to see what you're doing?

I use a VPN for all of my net access, even at home. For one thing, on torrents, it avoids ISP throttling and speed reduction. It insures, while net surfing, no one can build a profile on my surfing habits and target advertising towards me. It also means, that any random scans will NOT reveal my IP and can prevent a lot of malicious attempts. AND it keeps google and face book from tracking me.

I DO value my privacy and it this became a serious issue, one which I have chosen a VPN to address.

To Configure FrostWire for a VPN

In the advanced section.

Choose a manual port above 1024

NO proxy

Network interface: [AT RUN TIME, CONNECTED] Check use specific, then scroll down and select the appropriate item.

If you are on a router, make sure you port forward your selected port to your internal IP.

This works on PPTP protocol.  You do the same thing for openvpn, but the name of the connection is different.
Each time you connect with a different IP, you will need to reset the network interface.
Whatever server you choose will show as your IP