How do you share YOUR files on FrostWire?

How to share your files on FrostWire comes up every now and then, so let's consider.  FrostWire is now torrent oriented.  A torrent, while it can be a single file, can include entire folders and structures of folders.  You can share hundred of file via a torrent. 

When ever you download a public torrent, it can be shared automatically to the entire torrent population.  That is almost NOTHING for you to do, except turn automatic sharing when you install or start it sharing at a later date.  It doesn't get much easier than that.

So, when it comes to sharing your files, ask yourself some questions.  Do you have a collection of sufficient interest to the whole world to make a torrent and go through what it takes to register and publicize it?  Other than torrents that I've downloaded, I don't. 

But you want to send a LOT of data to a friend!  I send hundreds of photos, consisting to multi giga bytes to friend and I KNOW the world is not interested.  But it is EASY to do this with FrostWire.  I take a few simple steps to insure very secure and private transmission to the intended party.

Here's how:
    I put the items I with to share in a folder or a folder with sub folders.
    Start FrostWire.
    Click file/create new torrent
    Using select file or folder, select the desire file or folder.
    I check trackerless torrent and start seeding.
    A tackerless torrent is far more secure.
    Click save torrent as.
    Navigate to where you want to save it, name it and click save.
The torrent is now made and is sharing.
All you have to do is send the torrent OR the magnet link to your intended recipient. As an email attachment is a very easy way to do this. 

If you want to send the magnet link, right button the seeding torrent and select copy magnet.  You can now paste the magnet into email or an IM window.  Magnets look sort of flaky and contain characters that some IM programs don't like, so sending that actual torrent may be easier.  I've done both and notice little difference in the results.

A couple of times, and it's easy!