DMCA Take Down Notice!!!

If you are getting DMCA take down notices for items that you have never downloaded, you could be the object of DMCA Trolls. They make a living off of trolling for "violations" and their techniques are FAR from accurate, and they don't care.

Some providers go along with the trolls, and some are less cooperative. Do some searches for DMCA troll take down requests, or words to that effect. Get some data to support your cans and contact your ISP and note that an accusation is not proof, and that you have NOT downloaded the offending material, and until there is a proper LEGAL proceeding, you don't want to be bothered.

Then get a VPN so your IP never shows anywhere, again. Seem my help pages for VPN discussions.

Here is a paragraph of interest:
As for what makes a reasonable policy, as the law says, it's one that terminates subscribers who are repeat infringers. The notification you received is certainly not proof of the "repeat infringement" that is required under the law before you need to terminate my account. In fact, it's not even proof of any copyright infringement; a notice claiming infringement is not the same as a determination of infringement. I have not infringed any copyrights and do not intend to do so. Therefore, you should continue to be protected under the DMCA 512(a) safe harbor without taking any further action.

This is a very hot issue with millions of dollars going into the coffers of the scammers. But you do NOT communicate with them, ever, unless you have a written document, delivered by mail, containing a court order. You can discuss your issues with you ISP, but only on relevant issues. As long as there is no PROOF that you are violating the law, the cannot legally act, though many ISPs do not care about the law.

If this continues, a) change ISPs, b) get a lawyer, c) AND get a VPN whether it continues or not.

This link contains some interesting information, though it is NOT FrostWire related.
DMCA Sample Response
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This is not new news, but if you haven't seen it, it is worth reading.