FrostWire Checlist

The basic check list for  FrostWire problems include:
    Latest Version of FrostWire
    Firewall allowing FrostWire
    Router allowing ports and/or set for UPnP
DO check the fire wall, and any security programs you may have running.

Insure FrostWire is completely terminated, and go into the windows fire wall advanced>inbound rules and delete all references to FrostWire. What we want to do is force windows to ask for connect permission on the next execution. That way, all of the parameters should be correct.  If you are using some other firewall, do what it takes to force it back to it's original state, relative to FrostWire so that you can get a clean start.

If you have some other firewall or security center,(such as McAfee Security Center or zone alarm, etc.) make sure that it's allowing FrostWire, also make sure your virus program or malware monitors are not killing it.
NOW: (for Win7. Other systems will have similar files)
From file explorer, navigate to use c:\users\YourAccount
(assuming your system drive is c:\) and delete the folder: .frostwire5
This forces a reinitialization of FrostWire, so you will have to answer the setup questions.
ONLY do this step, if all other steps have failed.
Reinstall the newly downloaded version and hope for the best.
Restart FrostWire and be alert for any error indications.

If you think you need to change the listening port, here is an article, from my help pages, on changing the listening port:

That may get you going. If you do need to submint a trouble report follow these guidlines!