Configuring FrostWire

There are several things you can do to make your downloading and download management more efficient. 

One is to make sure that you DO NOT download to any folder on your system drive.  The system drive is security protected and is very busy.  If you require a reload, a lot of your user files can vanish.  All of this is a very good reason to not use the system drive for ANY user data, ever, especially that which you do not want to lose.  You can also get many strange system security warnings that may not be worth the effort to fight.  The system drive should be for system routines. 

Make a FrostWire download folder on a non system drive and configure FW to use it.  A good choice is a local drive with plenty of room.  Second choice would be an external drive, and third choice would be a network drive.  All are better than the system drive. (Usually C:)

Tools/optrions/BitTorrent/Torrent Data Save Folder: is the download area.

A lot of connection problems are caused by windows firewall settings AND router configurations.  Do insure what your firewall is allowing FrostWire to connect. 

FrostWire uses UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) to connect through the router. You want to insure that your router has UPnP set to on, or configure the port forward manually and open that port on your router and and direct it to your computer.

If your router does not support UPnP, you will have to manually select a  port forward address and configure your router to allow that port.

Tools/Options/Advanced/Firewall: Select manual port forward and enter a number above 10000, to be conservative.  Up to 65000 should work, but pushing limits can cause problems.  Remember to allow that port in your router port forward section.  Without UPnP, you have to indicate this in both places.

FrostWire is written in and uses Java.  Make sure that your system is current with Java. Windows 7 should have 32 bit and 64 bit Java installed. 

This link can help:

Note: the above java notes are not true for Windows or Mac, at this time.  FrostWire is using a bundled version of Java to avoid version conflicts and vulnerabilities.

And of course, make sure that you have the latest copy of FrostWire:

Once the basics are in place, using FrostWire SHOULD be simple.