Self Defense Using a Stick or Cane

If an attack is made with a high stabbing approach, i.e., an ice pick grip, the first order of business is to avoid getting cut or stabbed. If you cannot avoid the blow by stepping backwards, step forward with the right foot, raise the cane, grasping it with two hands and block the downward motion at your opponents wrist.

This will prevent the initial cut but more will be coming. Move the cane slightly to your left and strike forcefully to your right striking your opponent in the face with the rounded portion of the cane. If you can, strike across the bridge of the nose or under the nose and upwards, you can accomplish sufficient damage to make an escape very likely.

Stepping back from the strike position allows a one hand downward vertical slash.

If you are accosted by an assailant who is threatening you with a gun, you have to be very sure that defending yourself is your only way to survive. Your chances of success against a gun are not the greatest so consider carefully.

First, the weapon must be within your reach. If you can't reach it, you can't defend against it. The basic technique is very simple. Assuming the gun is in your assailant's right hand, you will twist your body counter clockwise, step forward with your right foot, and, holding the cane vertically with two hands, thrust against the gun. Do not hit the arm at the wrist. Doing this will cause the assailant's hand to twist towards you and may aim the gun right at your body. Since it is likely to go off, this is not good.

This move is not a disarm. It is to clear the muzzle from your body. Turning your body reduces the target size and make you more difficult to hit. Your next move will be to strike the face, preferably under the nose with as much force as possible. Since your life is in danger, do not even consider stopping to flee at this point. After the thrust to the face, you can change to a close grip and swing downward at the gun hand with maximum force. The intent, here, is to shatter the wrist, making the holding of the weapon impossible.

If you fail to disarm your opponent, circle to your right to make it difficult for him to aim at you and continue striking any target of opportunity. At this stage, the gun hand, his face, his neck, and other soft tissue over bone are ideal targets.

As soon as you succeed in disarming your opponent, consider the cane a base ball bat and deliver a horizontal strike to his knee or upper thigh. This should give you the opportunity to escape. Take advantage of it.

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