Chapter 15

    Eliza took Patrick's hands in her's and gazed into his eyes.  "Patrick, I am a real vampire."  He looked as distressed as she thought he would.  "But let me explain.  It's not what you think."
    He looked down and shook his head.  "You tell me that you are a 'real' vampire and then you tell me it's not what I think.  What am I supposed to think?"
    "You read the Rolf Document, right?"  He nodded.  "Well, it's more like that.  I am not some magic, supernatural creature.  I have a condition that makes me sensitive to sunlight, allergic to certain metals and other things that the legends of ignorant, superstitious people hint at but mostly get wrong."
    "So, you don't drink blood?"
    Eliza looked down.
    "You don't sleep most of the day?"
    She looked at him.  "I have a sunlight allergy.  I work at night and try to avoid direct sunlight.  When do you think I sleep?"
    He nodded.  "Point taken.  What about the blood thing: true of false," he asked.
    "True and false.  During certain periods of the month, I seem to develop a deficiency that only blood will resolve.  I am not a maniacal killer that is driven to hunt and slaughter.  Look.  The full moon was last night and we were together.  You're alive, aren't you?"
    He got a dreamy look on his face.  "Last night.  Oh yes, we were alive.  I mean are.  Are alive!"  He smiled at her.  "But, tell me this.  Did I really see fangs, last night?  Do you really have fangs or was that my imagination or the light or something?"
    Eliza hugged her elbows, making herself seem smaller.  "You saw it.  That part is real."
    Patrick nodded.  "Good.  I don't want to be doubting my own senses.  That is not a comfortable feeling, and thanks for being honest with me.  What about the strength thing.  You really kicked their asses, last night."
    Eliza was beginning to regret having said anything.  Her every instinct screamed solitude and secrecy.  Everyone had told her to never reveal herself for what she really was, but she needed what he was offering.  She yearned for what he was offering.  "I'm strong, but do we have to talk about this.  I'm the same person, today, as I was yesterday.  I haven't changed."
    "Eliza, you are driving me crazy!  You are one of the prettiest creatures I've ever seen and we've actually been together, I've held you; I've made love to you!  You know the leader of the city's meanest bike gangs, and you kick the crap out of three guys and then you tell me you're a vampire.  Please excuse me if I'm having a little bit of trouble adjusting."
    She tossed the remainder of her drink and held out the empty glass.  "More, please?"  She didn't want to pursue this line of questioning.  She needed time to think and consider what she could safely tell him.  If any others found she'd told him too much, his life would be in jeopardy, but she didn't know any others except Christa and Sofye wasn't one of them, and she wouldn't tell, anyway.  She knew life held unexpected quirks.  She could be found by hunters, puppies or one of her own, tomorrow and her life could be opened like a Christmas present.  Where would that leave Patrick.  She sighed.  Where would that leave him even if she'd told him nothing?  Who would believe that? 
    "Here you go," he said handing her a taller, colder drink. 
    "I, we, are in a word of shit," she mused.  "Thank you."  She took a long pull on the drink.  "We have a lot of time to discuss this."  She took his hand and placed it on her breast.  "It's been a long day.  I can think of things I'd rather do."
    Patrick was obviously torn, but Eliza slipping her blouse off and removing her bra was not something he was going to refuse.  "Later," he thought emptying his glass.  "Now, there is this....."

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